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Welcome to my website and passion project.

My phrase, The Strength of Life, comes from the history of the wreath. My last name has always appealed to me as it was fun to introduce myself as “Taylor Wreath. Like a Christmas wreath.” I then looked into the origins of the wreath and found a rich history. Worn by Roman Olympic athletes, it represented the strength of the person and their status. Then it was adopted by the Christian faith as a sign of Christian immortality as followers entered heaven. Now, wreaths are seen adorning doors during the holiday season. The moral to the story is that I began to see the value in my name and really took its meaning to heart.

I am now showing and improving my strength of life with this website.

Sustaining Style is my clothing line that focuses on stopping the waste cycle of fast fashion and highlighting inspiring and strong women. It was all inspired by an incredible YouTuber Hannah McNeely so please check her out if you have the chance. Please select “Sustaining Style” to learn more.

Wreath’s Writings is my blog which furthers the discussion of inspiring and strong women by interviews and research on impactful women I have known or learned about. I also feature ways that I try to live more sustainably and share my favorite finds. Please select “Blog” to read my posts.

The “About” section is my story and how I have sought discomfort which helped me grow in many ways. It also serves as a virtual portfolio for me.

Thank you for reading and visiting today! I hope you enjoy!